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The official currency is the Colombian peso COP, its rate fluctuates daily, is official regarding the US dollar

Suggested places for exchange are exchange offices, which are located in the El Dorado International Airport in shopping centers and hotels. You can also make use of a network of ATMs that are all electronic cards. Do not forget to inform your bank that you will be in Bogota DC, Colombia, South America, to enable the use of your card.

Remember that if you enter the country an amount exceeding USD 10 000, is required to declare in the form Declaration and Luggage.

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Bogotá has a wide network of public and private hospitals recognized internationally.

In Bogotá there are health and water supply complete coverage, you can even drink tap water without any problems. In October, the rainy season, there are frequent respiratory and viral diseases such as influenza. Its location at 2,600 meters above sea level, diseases transmitted by mosquitoes zika type or chikungunya are not present in the city.

If you have allergies or health problems due to some foods, always ask what ingredients go to eat. Colombian cuisine is varied. Always carry identification documents such as passport, identity card, certificate card or health insurance.

Vaccinations: If you come from South American countries like Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama, the Guianas or any African nation, should be vaccinated against yellow fever 10 days before your trip, because it is a key to enter Colombia requirement. The Ministry of Health of their respective country must certify the vaccine.

medical care and purchase of medicines: Those wishing to visit Colombia should purchase travel insurance with medical care coverage and emergency hospital care. As for drugs that do not require a prescription can be purchased at drug stores and pharmacies. You should verify that the package has printed the expiration date.


Electric power

Bogotá energy is 110 volts and electrical outlets are American type: two planes input pins.



The target for Colombia is 57
To make international calls from Colombia using a landline telephone: dial the prefix 005, 007 or 009 + country code - area code + phone number.
To make long distance calls within Colombian territory from a landline: you must dial 05, 07 or 09 + city code + phone number desired.
Cell to cell: you must dial a ten-digit number
Fixed phone: 03 + 10 digit number.
Cellular Fixed: 03 + city code + phone number.

Emergency numbers

From any cell phone or landline may be contacted with the 123 free for emergencies.

As well:

  • 112 - National Police
  • 119 - Fire
  • 132 - Red Cross
  • 126 - Highway Police
  • 127 - Transit
  • Switch the Mayor of Bogota - 0057-1-3813000 ext. 1901