Bogotá is making preparations for the 2017 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Bogotá is making preparations for the 2017 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Preparations are underway for the 16th edition of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates to be held in February in Bogotá.  The event is being organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB) and the Summit's Permanent Secretariat.

The Summit will serve as the perfect setting to activate a process whereby entrepreneurs and civil society will mobilize and take part in the identification of management models that can be applied and made visible as benchmarks of good practices in the construction of peace, covering several different scenarios of our daily lives.

The 2017 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, to be held in Bogotá, will be the first edition of the event to be held in Latin America.  It will address the relationship that peace keeps with other important topics such as reconciliation, national dialogue, youth, education, diversity, and the role to be played by the private sector.

To date, ten Nobel Peace Laureates have confirmed their attendance.  The list includes former presidents:  Jimmy Carter, of the United States; Mijaíl Gorbachov, of the former Soviet Union; Oscar Arias, of Costa Rica; Lech Walesa, of Poland; Frederik de Klerk, of South Africa; Lord David Trimble; Ireland's former prime minister; José Ramos-Horta, former president of East Timor; Shirin Ebadi, human rights advocate in Iran; Yemen national Tawakkol Karman, founder of Women Journalists Without Chains, and the collective, “Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet”, renowned for their role in the reconstruction of peace in the North-African country.

A recent confirmation came from human rights activist and leader in the fight against anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs, Professor Jody Williams of the United States, who received the Nobel Price in 1997 on account of her work in these and other important topics.

Agenda for the Summit

During the four days of the event, between February 2nd and 5th, 2017, Bogotá will enjoy a diversity of permanent activities fostering participation by citizens, social and enterprise leaders, members of the academia, representatives of both local and foreign governments, as well as non-government organizations in the country.

Thus, in addition to the primary sessions, which will be held at the Gran Salon in Corferias, the Colombian capital city will host interactive forums, workshops for younger audiences, presentation of success stories and an experience area, all of these activities seeking to develop the attendants' sensitivities towards the subject at hand.

A program tailored to young audiences has been developed so children and youngsters will be able to hold dialogues regarding the challenges that the construction of peace imposes on the world, there will also be multiple cultural activities that will embellish the city for the event.

The program will involve an active participation by the attending laureates in different academic and social activities, and it will include a special ceremony to present an award to an internationally renowned individual who has made significant contributions to the construction of peace.  During previous Summits, this award has been given to people such as artists Bono, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox and René Pérez; actors Don Cheadle, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone and George Clooney; and professional sportsmen such as Italian soccer player Roberto Baggio.  

The role of the CCB

The CCB led the process of Bogota's candidacy to host the Summit.  For the past 30 years the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce has been actively fostering dialogue as a tool for the construction of spaces for a healthy coexistence in society, especially in environments such as communities, schools and companies.

Through its Arbitration and Conciliation Center, the CCB promotes the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution Methods, which allow entrepreneurs and citizens to resolve their conflicts through open dialogue.  Furthermore, and for over 15 years, the CCB has been implementing the Hermes program for school coexistence, which seeks to create spaces for a healthy coexistence through the training of young conciliators in schools.