Bogotá to host the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Bogotá to host the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

The United Nations (UN) has confirmed Bogotá as the venue for the coming World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.  The event has been held annually since 1999 in cities that represent significant progress being made in the achievement of world peace.

The Summit seeks to leverage on the visibility, experience and knowledge of Nobel Peace laureates in furtherance of the consolidation of peace. 

The presentation of Bogota's candidacy to host the event was the result of the leadership exercised by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, in representation of the entrepreneurs in the city and the region, but is also a manifestation of civil society's desire to continue reflecting about the challenges involved in the construction of peace once the country's internal conflict has concluded.  

After the city's candidacy was presented, national and city authorities, academics and social and cultural movements were approached several times.  As a matter of fact, between May 21st and 23rd, the city received an inspection team whose purpose it was to ascertain Bogota's capabilities in terms of safety, security, logistics, protocol, as well as the support that local authorities had regarding the city's candidacy as a City of Peace. 

The Summit will be held on the first week of February, and will be characterized for being democratic, participative, reconciliative, inclusive, tolerant, communal, diverse, inspirational, practical, youthful, multi-media and collaborative.

The Summit is strongly committed to working with young people and towards the start-up and supervision of peace building projects and initiatives.  The event will bring together around 20 Nobel Peace Laureates, 270 international media, 150 global organizations and participating associations, along with 700 delegates.  The city chosen to host the event is always declared to be a City of Peace.

On the other hand, the event is also used as the venue to present a Peace Award to some global figure as a way to acknowledge their achievements and contributions.  In previous events, the Peace Summit Medal for Social Activism was presented to: Bob Geldoff, Rene Pérez (Calle 13), Bono, and Sean Penn.

The event seeks to be an activator of conversations and discussions about different topics related to reconciliation, democracy, respect and the construction of peace, the Rule of Law and participation.  Summit organizers believe all of these expressions must happen outside the "regular spaces" where conversations and discussions about peace and reconciliation have usually been held.

An additional goal behind this global event is to take the conversations "out to the streets", peaking the interest and participation by citizens who have commonly shown to be apathetic about these matters or who have felt like their voice has not been heard amidst the country's very important times.

Young people must play a key role.  The event will serve to empower the different youth movements in their taking the reigns over the future of the city, the region and the country.