Life Stories: Culture Creates Peace

Life Stories: Culture Creates Peace

  • A Peace Culture Festival will be held during the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates where attendees will enjoy artistic manifestations.
  • Through art and culture, attendees will have the opportunity to hear voices of victims, youth, women and poets from different parts of Colombia.
  • Artists including Petit Fellas, Canalón de Timbiquí and Marta Gómez will perform alongside the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra. Some of these artists took part in the Bogotá Music Market - BOmm, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce program.


Art and literature are the best way to understand other realities, to feel empathy and build bridges with other people and cultures. Learning to listen, understand others and put ourselves in someone else's shoes are necessary conditions for peaceful coexistence. 

During the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates from February 2 to 5 attendees will have the opportunity to hear voices of victims from different parts of Colombia through art and culture. These voices from different regions, young people, women and poets recognized as bearers of culture and agents of change, relate the pain, joy, hope and life of a country that strives to turn the page so that everyone can listen and recognize differences.

The cultural agenda of the Summit is led by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce through its Cultural and Creative Industries program, in partnership with the District's Culture, Recreation and Athletics sector with the Secretariat, Idartes and the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra. It is supported by musicians and producers Iván Benavides and César López, who use art to create peace-building processes.

The Summit is organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. The Chamber proposed Bogotá as the venue for this event, which will be held for the first time in Latin America.


Culture that Unites

During the inauguration of the Summit, a fragment of Victus, House E performance, will be presented where the public can take part in a reconciliation act in which victims and reintegrated people will also participate. 

The closing act, on February 4, will feature the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, which will accompany singer Marta Gómez and guests Juan Pablo Vega, Esteman, César López, Victoria Sur and María Mulata in an assembly of the collective piece Para la guerra nada.

The Colegio del Cuerpo, directed by Álvaro Restrepo, will make a special private presentation of Negra-Anger at the Colon Theater. This is a tribute to the great Nina Simone, American singer and songwriter of jazz, blues and rhythm and blues.

Elkin Robinson, a young musician from the Island of Providencia, and singer-songwriters Victoria Sur and María Mulata will perform midday during the cultural segment. There will also be an exhibition of three artists supported by the National Center for Historical Memory: Dance for Peace, Pacific Soul by Guapireño Víctor Hugo Rodríguez and Urabá Conexión. The Llanos Orientales will be represented by the Cimarron group and an exposition of Joropo by children from musical schools of Meta.

Youth concerts will be held in the evenings February 2-3. LosPetitFellas, one of the most representative bands of the Bogotá scene with its unique mix of rock and hip-hop will participate in the first concert, and Tijax, a group of young people from Idartes.

On February 3 special guests include Canalón de Timbiquí, one of the most representative groups of marimba music in the South Pacific, and Crew Peligrosos, one of the country's most important hip-hop bands.

The cultural ideas platform 'Actions by Agreement' will be in charge of a space for poems about memory and the future. The Summit will also include a photographic exhibition by Jesus Abad Colorado and the Women, Conflict and Territory photographic exhibition of the Mambe Foundation supported by the Alliance for Reconciliation program, an initiative of the United States Agency for International Development --USAID and ACDI/VOCA - and the Culture Ministry of Colombia.

The Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Athletics will display Grafiti District, a wall of 16 panels with images of the Laureates that will participate in the event where attendees of the summit can intervene under the coordination of urban artists of the Vertigo Grafitti collective.

The popular Consulate will participate in this cultural festival with Pazeando por Colombia, a tour that takes them all over the country aboard the Peace Tank, a mobile stage that transmits a message of inclusion through multicultural experiences.